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“We have been overjoyed with our children’s experience and progress at Serendipity Pre-School.  We have four young boys and we wanted a pre-school that focused on “early education” and we did not want a “day-care” environment.  My husband and I knew immediately that Serendipity was the right place for our boys as soon as we met with Francesca on our initial visit.  Our oldest son spent a year and a half at Serendipity before he was admitted into Stevenson Pre-K this past year.  Our twin boys are attending Serendipity presently and we have seen great progress in them since they started there.  Regular progress report cards, informative newsletters, themes of the month, letters of the month, and Boehm concepts of the month allowed us to work concurrently at home with our children.  Francesca has a wonderful team of loving and helpful teaches that afforded our children an experience of a lifetime.  We have creative art projects from pre-school that might never come down off the refrigerator and some that are framed and hanging on our walls.  We feel quite blessed to have found Serendipity and very grateful to have been able to have our boys attend this fabulous pre-school.  Parents in our community interested in an “early educational” environment that brings out the best in young children need to look no farther than Serendipity Pre-School.

-The Kripapuri Family


“Simply the best! We are a Navy family fortunate enough to have our second son enrolled at Serendipity.  That was the first decision we made when we fond out we were moving back to Monterey!  Our third son starts there in the fall.  All the staff is patient, caring and helpful, and I couldn’t imagine better teachers.  I feel like my son will be prepared for kindergarten in the fall.  Everybody there is also very flexible and willing to work with you and your child through any difficulties he or she might be having. They are well equipped to work with different personalities, as my sons are very different.  They have so much fun to and they want to go to school!  This is the best introduction to school that I can imagine for my boys.  Come for a visit and you will fall in love like I did. I would highly recommend it!

-B. Littrell

“The staff at Serendipity is beyond incredible.  You work miracles with my son by making learning fun. He comes home excited to share his knowledge with us every day.  I feel so much better about my son’s ability to enter Kindergarten both educationally and emotionally because of your great work.  An added bonus is that your staff provides a loving and nurturing environment that feels tailored specifically to my son’s personality.  I can’t say enough great things about how lucky we are to have met you all and to have such an incredible group of people to care for our little one.”

-M. Sciuto,MBA

“Your excellent guidance and care have meant so much to us!  Thank you for all you do for our son and us parents to”.

-L. Pena


“Thank you for the great service you provide to our children.  There were so many wonderful activities that the children were able to participate in!”



“We are very happy with the education the boys have received.  Everyone has been wonderful!

-M Gardner


“Kinsley has loved going to Serendipity.  The curriculum is fantastic and she has learned so much!

-L. Greenheck


“We appreciate and admire your careful attention to detail whether it be the design of your beautiful Victorian and outside area, your selection of learning materials, art projects and play things or your comprehensive curriculum and thoughtful “themes”.  Not to mention the kind and engaging staff and well organized way in which you include us, the parents, with newsletters and information guides.  Your school has “heart” (as well as teaching merit) and that is hard to find and replace and we will miss you.  We hope to return and at least give our other two daughters the chance to learn under you for a while!”

-I. Kerkez